Global Logistics and Dispatch

Global Logistics and Dispatch specialists play a vital role in the continuous operations of transportation companies, emergency responders, airlines, and other public and private organizations that employ dispatchers. Dispatchers face unique challenges every minute and are expected to competently navigate any and all situations that may arise. Those who can stay on top of chaotic bursts of activity will find dispatching a rewarding and meaningful career.

Program Training & Career Opportunities

The Global Logistics and Dispatch Program is a combination of classroom, hands-on instruction and outside assignments. Upon successful completion, logistics and dispatch graduates will have a variety of entry-level career choices in dispatch and supply chain management fields. The program includes three primary areas of focus and career development, Aircraft DispatchTransportation Dispatch and Global Supply Chain Logistics.

Upon completion of the Aircraft Dispatch portion, a graduate will be eligible for entry-level positions that include Assistant Aircraft Dispatcher, Aircraft Dispatcher, Crew Scheduler, and Flight Follower.

The Transportation Dispatch portion includes training to enter a variety of additional dispatch career pathways including emergency response (ambulance and police), trucking and common carriers (using roadways and local transport), service fleets (energy operations, shuttle services) and the railroad industry. Entry-level careers include Emergency Dispatcher, 9-1-1 Operator, Fleet Dispatcher, Communication Technician, and Railroad Dispatcher.

The third area of concentration, Global Supply Chain Logistics, involves warehousing, distribution, import/export and customs. This portion of the program will include training for Certified Logistics Associates (CLA) and Certified Logistics Technicians (CLT). Graduates will be qualified to work in entry-level careers such as Cargo Agents, Freight Forwarders/Brokers, Shipping Associates, Customer Service Agents, and Account Representatives.

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