Hear what employers and graduates have to say about the education and training they received at MIAT.

Advanced Skill Level
We realize when we’re bringing in people from MIAT they’re almost already at an advanced level for us so we put them on a fast track from a technical training standpoint.

Candidate Screening & Professionalism
MIAT does a lot of the screening requirements for us. We know when we hire students they’ve already had a preliminary background check done, they’ve been given drug testing through the process, so we know they’ve been pretty thoroughly vetted which cuts down on our overhead cost.

Hands-On Experience
The hands-on experience is a huge factor. You can look at a book all day long, but it’s not the same as getting out there and doing it. It’s a completely different experience.

The skills that the students are getting at MIAT are very beneficial to us. It gives us an opportunity to bring them in at a higher level than entry level positions.

Professionalism is important to us because we work almost 100% of the time on our customers’ property, so we have to be ambassadors… follow the customers’ plant rules, site rules…