Hear what employers and graduates have to say about the education and training they received at MIAT.

The technical education that I received from MIAT provided me with knowledge of tools, safety, precision measurement, and reading schematics, to name a few. MIAT was a stepping stone to getting on with the Millwright Union. Becoming a Millwright is the best thing I could ever have done. They have an excellent training program and they work for you. You get 401K, pension, and insurance.

Ryan Spurlock, Millwright Union #2232

MIAT did an amazing job teaching and preparing me to become an HVAC Technician. I would not be as far in life as I am today without their help, support, and education.

Alex Criteser, HVACR Graduate

MIAT served as my gateway to a career that has allowed me the independence needed to thrive. I have been able to achieve my personal life goals such as buying a house and starting a family, and I will be able to provide my daughter with security and a good life. The best part is, with time and dedication, there is no longer a limit to my career goals and opportunities. MIAT changed my life in ways I never could have anticipated. It provided the skills to obtain a career that fits me like a glove. Thank you MIAT!

Andrea Eves, Global Logistics and Dispatch Graduate

A little over a year ago I set out to create a recruitment program for a HVAC company based in SE Michigan, we have two offices in Livingston County and one in Plymouth. After getting the basics covered which was to contact all of the local community colleges and private trade schools that offer an HVAC program. It became quite clear where the best candidates with a top-level education and training were coming from MIAT.
We could not be happier with the talent and our relationship with the educators and placement center.

Jim Davis – Director of Communications, AAA Service Network

MIAT taught me many skills, including stress management techniques and how to multitask. I feel it increased my productivity and creative problem solving capabilities. Almost everything I learned at MIAT applies to the career I have today.

Tiquinesha Jamison, Global Logistics and Dispatch Graduate

MIAT gives you the knowledge and training to succeed in global companies like SIEMENS ENERGY INC. They allowed me to do what I love, and gave me the skills I needed to succeed!

Brian Babinski
Brian Babinski, Energy Graduate

MIAT gave me a second chance at a new and exciting career without four years of college. Even though their six month program is accelerated, they made sure I understood everything I needed to get started in the logistics world.

Angelo Corredino, Global Logistics and Dispatch Graduate

My experience in wind has introduced me to the newest and best technologies in the field including UAV blade inspections, thermography, HD photography and borescoping.

DSCN0032 (2)
Tim Cartwright, MIAT Graduate – Wind Technician

The graduates from Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology that we have hired display an advanced level of knowledge and strong work ethic which are qualities we look for in future leaders here at HAECO.

Keith Statzer, General Manager, HAECO Americas

When we hire a graduate of MIAT, we know we’re getting a winner. The training, experience, and leadership these students have in hand when they walk out of MIAT and onto Endeavor property ensures we’ll be able transition them into our professional workforce faster.

Bill Donohue, VP of Maintenance, Endeavor Air