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How to Become an HVACR Technician

HVAC Technician

When businesses or homeowners need their heating system, cooling system or refrigerator fixed, they turn to an HVACR technician. HVACR technicians need to be prepared to tackle many different problems and must also to work with a variety of different people on a daily basis. As central heating and cooling systems become more popular, the demand for HVACR technicians continues to rise. So, what are some questions that must be answered and skills that someone must possess before becoming an HVACR technician?


How to Become an Aircraft Maintenance Technician


There is a shortage of quality service technicians in a variety of sectors of industry. One of the biggest shortages is in the aviation industry where airlines and private companies are looking for qualified aircraft maintenance technicians. These technicians are in charge of general upkeep for both entire fleets of commercial airlines as well as for smaller personal aircrafts. These jobs are crucially important to the aviation industry as aircraft maintenance technicians are perhaps the single most responsible party for the safety of hundreds of thousands of passengers who choose to fly each year. They must be properly trained in a variety of skill sets to ensure they are ready to take on this responsibility. So, what steps can be taken, and skills acquired to become a top-notch aircraft maintenance technician?


The Importance of Communication Skills for Aircraft Maintenance Technicians


Airlines must work diligently to ensure that their aircraft are maintained properly so that they can operate smoothly for the hundreds of passengers that fly each day. To make sure this happens, airlines hire aircraft maintenance technicians who are in charge of maintaining aircraft, performing routine maintenance, and fixing any defective parts that may be found throughout the inspection process. As the number of planes in the sky grows, so does the demand for great aircraft maintenance technicians. Although this is a hands-on job, it also requires a great deal of communication. Without proper communication, teams of aircraft maintenance technicians can quickly fall into a state of disorder. So, what are the characteristics of a good communicator and how can a student properly develop these skills to become an effective aircraft maintenance technician?


How to Become an Electro-Mechanical Technician

Train for an exciting career in electro-mechanical technology!

One of the most interesting jobs available is that of an electro-mechanical technician. They are tasked with overseeing some of the most high-tech equipment in the world. Electro-mechanical technicians are often seen as the first line of defense against mechanical equipment breaking down. As the industry progresses, many industries are moving in the direction of automation. This opens up a whole field for skilled -technicians to oversee the machines that are able to get more work done in a shorter period of time. The combination of knowledge in both mechanical and electrical systems is one that is highly sought after in the current work force.


How to Become a Welder

Interested in how to become a welder? Welding is one of the most in demand professions. Not only does a welder fix older mechanical equipment to ensure that they last longer, but they are also able to fabricate new and useful items for a variety of industries. Welders are the backbone of this country. Without them, people would find themselves replacing things far more frequently. The importance and growing demand for welder positions has led many to consider it as a career. Below are some skills you will learn:

  • Firm Understanding of the Tools and Professional Skills Required
  • Metal Arc Welding Expertise
  • Understanding of Drawings, Symbols, and Metal Characteristics
  • Pipe Welding Best Practices
  • (more…)

    MIAT College of Technology Houston Campus is Expanding – Right Next Door!

    john-willis-2By John Willis, MIAT College of Technology Houston President

    Due to continued growth in student enrollment, the Houston campus is in the process of expanding for the second time in 24 months. We are taking on 16,000 additional square feet right next door to our current school facilities in a section of our building that recently became vacant. Our address will stay the same: 533 Northpark Central Drive in Houston, approximately 11 miles northeast of Bush Intercontinental Airport and easily accessible from Interstate 45 and the Hardy Toll Road.

    Our expanded MIAT Houston campus will cover 56,400 square feet and will include additional lab space and six more classrooms, bringing our total number of classrooms to 15. Free surface parking will continue to be available to accommodate our students, faculty and staff.  (more…)

    How to Become a Solar Installation Technician

    The energy industry reaches hundreds of millions of people every day. When a consumer flips their light switch, they fully expect the lights to come on. This is all thanks to the energy mix which generates electricity all over the country. A growing percentage of this electricity generation is coming from solar power. This is largely because of the growing environmental movement and the recognition that renewable energy resources must become a part of our future. Because of this, one of the most popular jobs available today is that of a solar installation technician. Without this important position, the energy grid would not have as much solar generated electricity flowing through it as it does today. So, what exactly does a solar installation technician do and what skills must you master to be hired in this field?


    How to Become A Wind Turbine Technician

    The rise in popularity of renewable energy has led to a huge spike in demand for wind turbine technicians in these various fields. As numerous states seek to obtain more of their energy generation from renewable resources, the need for wind turbine technicians has never been greater. Wind energy is being utilized to provide renewable and clean energy for thousands of people across the country. Although the fuel for the wind turbine is renewable, it is still a piece of mechanical equipment that must be regularly maintained by a wind turbine technician. So, what steps do students need to take in order to become an effective wind turbine technician?


    Wanted: Aviation Maintenance Technicians for Private and Commercial Aircraft Operators

    Aviation-ProgramBy John Willis, MIAT College  of Technology Houston Campus President

    Every time one of us boards an aircraft in the United States, we can be assured that  FAA-certified aviation maintenance technicians have completed an extensive series of essential checks and repairs required for safe and effective operations of that aircraft. That said, travelers don’t give much thought to the extensive “behind the scenes” work involved in getting us airborne and then back on the ground.  For United Airlines at Bush Intercontinental Airport alone, more than 300 aviation maintenance team members are employed day and night

    United  Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Boeing and the aviation industry as a whole are experiencing a major shortage of qualified Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) maintenance technicians. Demand continues to be greater than supply, and competition among employers can be fierce.  Faculty and staff of MIAT College of Technology’s campuses in Houston and in Canton near Detroit, Michigan, are working closely with airline industry representatives, high schools, military veterans, and community leaders to assist in filling this gap as quickly as possible.

    Interest in MIAT’s aviation maintenance programs is the major contributor to the rapid growth in student in enrollment at the Houston campus – which is approaching 400, up from 48 students in 2015. Approximately 60 percent of MIAT’s Houston students this year are enrolled in either the 20-month aviation maintenance certificate program or the 24-month aviation maintenance program that yields an associate’s degree in Applied Sciences.  Employment opportunities for these careers remain high. (more…)

    What is HVACR and Why Do I Want to Become an HVACR Technician?

    HVAC Technician

    Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) is a skill that is needed in homes, apartment complexes, office buildings, hospitals and retail stores. Virtually every building that is standing uses some type of HVACR system. Because of this, trained and skilled HVACR technicians are needed to maintain, repair and install systems. Becoming an HVACR technician can provide you with a career rather than just a job.