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Title IX

MIAT College of Technology’s Title IX Coordinator is responsible for monitoring and overseeing compliance with Title IX and the prevention of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and discrimination. The Title IX Coordinator is:

  • Knowledgeable and trained in MIAT’s policies and procedures and relevant state and federal laws;
  • Available to advise any individual, including a complainant, respondent, or a third party, about MIAT and community resources and reporting options;
  • Available to provide assistance to any MIAT employee regarding how to respond appropriately to a report of Title IX-related prohibited conduct and related retaliation;
  • Participates in ensuring the effective implementation of this Policy, including monitoring compliance with all procedural requirements, record keeping, and timeframes; and
  • Responsible for overseeing training, prevention, and education efforts and annual reviews of climate and culture.

Inquiries or concerns about Title IX may be referred to the school’s Title IX Coordinator:

  • Canton Campus (main)

    Susan Martinez
    Regulatory Reporting Administrator
    2955 S. Haggerty Rd.
    Canton, MI 48188
    Phone: 734-423-2147
    email: smartinez@miat.edu

  • Houston Campus:

    Mary Socha
    Employment Advisor
    533 NorthPark Central Dr. Suite 150
    Houston, TX 77073
    Phone: 832-234-5781
    email: msocha@miat.edu